When you work through the practice questions in the course materials, each task will be marked as "done" once opened and closed. 

You may be accessing your course materials through your Study Pathway, in which case "done" will look like a green tick next to the task, as below. If they are simply disappearing, click on "Filter" and tick "Show completed tasks".

You may also be accessing your course materials via "Course" in your left-hand menu. In this case, the "done" tasks will be green and the "not done" tasks will be blue, as below. 

If you have completed everything or most things and you would like to start again, there is no way to reset the "done" status of your tasks, even when you upgrade your package or reset your Study Pathway.

BUT you can open every task and answer them all as many times as you wish - the system will simply save your last response and show you the date and time you last did the task via "Course", as in the second image above.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support team at [email protected]!