We are excited to have introduced a new MOBILE version of www.e2language.com!

Currently it is more basic than the desktop version and is missing some features. If you are using the mobile version and find you no longer have access to something, you will find you can access it via a laptop or desktop computer. But if you prefer to keep using your mobile, you can try switching to the desktop version using the instructions below:

For iphones

1. Open the SAFARI browser and go to https://app.e2language.com/Account/Login 

2. This step will depend on which iOS version you have. Either:

For iOS 12 or lower, try to press and hold the circular arrow in the top right:


Then click "Request Desktop site" down the bottom:


OR, for iOS 13 or higher, press the Aa in the top left and then press "Request desktop site":


3. This should automatically open the desktop version. Then you can simply repeat the process to switch back.

For Androids

1. Open CHROME browser on your Android and click the three dots in the top right-hand corner to see the browser settings. 
2. Select the "tick" next to desktop version:

3. Go to https://app.e2language.com/Account/Login and log in - you should see the desktop version!

Note: if you see an "unauthorised" error message on either Android or iphone it will be an issue with your cache; simply open an incognito tab and repeat the process there.

If you continue to have issues just email our support team at [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours!