Log in to your E2 Test Prep account and click 'Mini Mock Test' on the left of the dashboard. The OET Mini Mock Test takes 2 hours INCLUDING a live speaking session with a teacher. However, the speaking session is booked separately and can be done before or after the other parts of the test, with days in between if need be.

How to do the Reading / Writing / Listening subtest:

Before you start these subtests, please make sure:

  • you are ready to sit for about 1 hour and 40 minutesĀ 
  • you have strong, reliable internet for this time
  • you are using a laptop or desktop computer with Chrome browser
  • your microphone and speakers are working

Please note that you CANNOT PAUSE the test BUT if you want to stop you can exit the pop-up window and this will cancel your progress so far; you will then need to start again from the beginning.

How to do the Speaking subtest:

As the speaking section is a little more complex, please read our page on how the speaking section of the Mock Tests work!