Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to choose specific tutors through the booking system for your first tutorial. 

We have tutors located all over the world to accommodate your time zone. When you book your first tutorial, you will be allocated a tutor who is available at the time you have chosen.

However, you will have the option to request the same tutor for any additional tutorials after your first consultation.

In order to do so, please follow these instructions: 

1. Click 'Book Another Tutorial'. 

2. Click 'Yes' if you would like to have the same tutor for your second tutorial. 

3. If this teacher does not have availability in the coming days, click 'Cancel'. 

4. If you are unable to wait until the teacher is available in the future, please repeat the process. However, this time you will need to click 'No'.

Our teachers are all highly qualified with a Masters in TESOL or Linguistics, or a CELTA/DELTA in English teaching; they are also trained in the online teaching methods. We're confident that all of our tutors will provide you with a positive learning experience. 

However, if you have a special reason for requiring a particular teacher, you can contact the Helpdesk ([email protected]) and we will help you out.