We are happy to announce that E2 Test Prep now offers a full course of TOEIC practice materials for students who need to take this exam.

For $29USD our TOEIC Express package will provide you with the following resources: 
  • Practice Questions in Listening and Reading
  • Practice Questions in Speaking and Writing
  • Access to Live Classes with in-class activities
  • Access to Live Class Recordings

Our free TOEIC accounts will provide you with the following resources:
  • 1 Month Validity
  • Access to Free Live Classes and in-class activities 

The Test of English for International Communication or TOEIC is an English language proficiency test that is designed specifically to assess a students everyday English skills, particularly those working in an international English-speaking environment for general use.

TOEIC is mostly used for non-academic environments, if you hope to gain entry to a university or other educational institute, you should consider TOEFL or another English Proficiency Test

The test is split into two parts, the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test. Our TOEIC packages provide resources for all of the tasks you may be asked to complete across both tests. 

Whether or not you should take the TOEIC depends on what you need your test results for. We recommend getting in touch with the company, institution or regulatory body that has asked for your English test scores to make sure that the TOEIC is an accepted test format. 

For more information on TOEIC, see:
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