The Power Package ⚡️ is one of our most exciting promotional packages! The Power Package is offered to our students on free accounts on different occasions throughout the year. If you still have a free account and you would like to get some of our major resources. Make sure you keep an eye out for the promotions!

What is included in the Power Package? 

⭐  4-Week Study Plan (Exclusive to the Power Package!)

Tailored to each test; OET (Nurses and Doctors), IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL with skill building for all skills.

⭐  Writing & Speaking Assessments

Receive personalised feedback for your work within 48 hours of submission.

⭐  Mini Mock Test with Writing & Speaking Feedback 

Simulate a testing experience so you're not surprised on test day.

 Unlimited Live Classes & Recordings

Learn from our expert teachers.

⭐  Practice Questions & Methods

Try over 100 questions to test your skills!

⭐  6 month's access

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much is the Power Package? The Power Package is a special offer and is priced at $89USD for a limited time. 

  • How long is the package valid for? The Power Package is valid for 6 months from the time of purchase. However, if you wish to complete your preparation in 1 or 2 months, you can also do this! It's really up to you and how fast you want to work. When you buy any of our packages, the value comes from the resources included, not the time!

  • Can I use a voucher code to purchase the Power Package? Unfortunately, no discounts can be applied to the Power Package, since it is already on a special offer.

  • Can I use E2 Rewards to purchase the Power package? Unfortunately, E2 Rewards cannot be used for the purchase of this package.

  • Can I upgrade or switch to the Power Package from another package? The Power Package is a stand-alone package and cannot be upgraded to or switched from another package as this is a special offer.

  • Can I upgrade or switch to a different package? Yes! If you decide that you would like more resources or time, you can upgrade to Silver or Gold at any time. See: How do I upgrade my package?

  • Can I switch to a different test? If you would like to switch to a different test, you can! There is a fee of $39USD to do so to cover the cost of the new materials. It's important to note that and resources that you have already used won't be transferred over to your new test. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more!

  • Which test do I choose? You will only be able to upgrade to the test that your Free account has. For example if you are preparing for OET (Nurses) then you should click on that button to upgrade. If your Free account is for a different test than the one you would like to purchase, send us an enquiry to let us know and we'll switch you over as soon as we can so you can upgrade!

  • OET - Do I choose Doctors, Nurses, or Nurses & Doctors? You can check which Free account you have to see which package you should choose. Go to your account and look for the package name below your picture on the left-hand side. It should say wither OET (Doctors) > Select "Doctors", OET (Nurses) > Select "Nurses", or OET Free > Select "Nurses and Doctors"

Got a different question? Get in touch with us here!