The Power Package ⚡️ is one of our most exciting promotional packages! It is offered to our students on a free trial at different points throughout the year. If you have a free trial and you would like to get some of our major resources - keep an eye out for the promotion!

It costs $89 USD and it gives you access to our platform for 6 months. This means that even though you can use all the resources within 2 weeks, you also have the option to spread out your preparation, or return to your preparation after taking the test.

List of inclusions:

  • 4-week Study Plan (Exclusive to the Power package & tailored to each test)
  • Full set of method lessons and practice activities
  • Unlimited Live classes
  • Access to Live class recordings
  • 1 x Mock Test
  • Bundle of Writing and Speaking assessments 
    • Writing assessments with detailed teacher feedback on each section (number differs for each test):
      • PTE:  3 x writing assessments (1 x Summarize Written Text, 1 x Write Essay , 1 x Summarize Spoken Text)
      • IELTS Academic and General: 4 x writing assessments (2 x Writing Task 1 and 2 x Writing Task 2)
      • OET: 1 x writing assessment
      • TOEFL: 2 x writing assessments (1 x Independent Writing and 1 x Integrated Writing)
    • Speaking assessments with detailed teacher feedback on each section (number differs for each test):
      • PTE:  3 x speaking assessments (1 x Read Aloud, 1 x Describe Image, 1 x Retell Lecture)
      • IELTS (Academic and General): 1 x speaking assessment with Part 2 feedback
      • OET: No additional speaking assessment is included but the 1:1 tutorial can be used as a speaking assessment
      • TOEFL: 2 x speaking assessments (1 x Independent Speaking and 1 x Integrated Speaking)

Please note: as this is a special offer package, you cannot upgrade to the Power package. You can access it via the marketing email link.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].