What is the PTE Guided Mock Test? 

The PTE Guided Mock Test is designed to help you understand the PTE format and E2 methods. It is a shorter and interactive version of the PTE Mini Mock Test - it contains one question in each of the 20 parts. The test contains 20 sets of videos and questions and will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete.  

How do I do it?

For each of the 20 tasks, there is a set of 

  • An overview video lesson (Jay will take your through the E2 methods) 
  • A practice question that follows (You will be on your own)
  • An explanation video at the end (Jay will guide you in reviewing the question)

If you exit the test and want to return to it later, you will need to log back in and click NEXT until you return to the section from which you exited.

We recommend you take the Guided Mock Test in one sitting. 

Once you have completed a question, you cannot reset it.

How much $ and How can I get one?

It's only $9USD!

If you are a free student, you can find the Guided Mock Test on your left-hand menu:

If you are a paid student, you can find the Guided Mock Test in the E2+Extras section:

When should I do it?

We recommend that you do it AT THE START of your preparation as the DIAGNOSTIC test, so you know what areas you need to work on the most.

Will I get a report card and feedback?

The Guided Mock Test is not marked, so you will not receive any speaking or writing feedback or a report card.

What happens after?

Once you have completed the Guided Mock Test, continue your preparation focusing on the question types that the test has shown need the most work. When you are ready for the timed mock test that comes with a report card, see Mini Mock Test for PTE.