The IELTS Indicator is an online English test that IELTS has just launched for students that are unable to undertake their test at an IELTS test centre due to the current COVID-19 circumstances. 

The IELTS Indicator test assesses your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in the same way that the computer-based IELTS test does, however, you can undertake this test online, from your own home! 

It is important to keep in mind that the IELTS Indicator test is still new and is not yet accepted by all organisations or institutions. For this reason it is important to be certain that the IELTS Indicator test will be useful for the purposes that you are undertaking the test. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the IELTS Indicator test, you can see our E2 Test Prep Blog post written by our expert teacher, Alex, at this page or the official IELTS Indicator web page here