A Small Group Class (or "Group class") is an exciting new E2 feature where 2-5 students join each other in a Zoom tutorial with 1 teacher. 

Currently, these classes are available IELTS only, and they will focus on Speaking and Writing. They will be available for other tests and other skills in the coming months!

In a Small Group Writing class, you will work on specific writing question types with unique material created by our E2 Test Prep experts. You will be able to get personalised feedback on your writing and you may even get additional exercises you can practice with outside of class!

In a Small Group Speaking class, you will work on specific speaking question types with unique material created by our E2 Test Prep experts. Your teacher and your peers will hear your speaking and you will get personalised feedback from the teacher and encouragement from your peers!

How much does it cost?

It costs $25USD per student per class.

Who can buy it?

Any E2 Test Prep student, free or paid, can buy Small Group Classes - you just need to have an account.

How many can I buy?

You can buy as many as you want, but keep in mind:

  • you can only buy one class per transaction
  • you can only buy a specific class on a specific day/time
  • we cannot refund this purchase but you will get detailed information on what to do if you cannot make it or need to change classes

When do the classes take place?

You can check the class schedule by clicking on 'Group Classes' in your left sidebar menu.

What if I cannot make this time?

We will be offering more classes at different times in the coming months. You can let us know you are interested in different times by emailing [email protected] and we can put you on a waiting list to hear about new time availability!

For more detailed instructions, please see these links:

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