Your writing assessments are timed as you would expect in the exam and once submitted, you will receive your feedback within 48 hours.

Our feedback is very detailed; we give you overall comments and we use a correction code to show you where the specific errors are in your writing. We also give you an indication of how well you did on a range of criteria that match the criteria of the test. For TOEFL you will get your equivalent test score (i.e. a score out of 30).

Our teachers feel strongly that the correction code should be used to show you errors without giving you the answers - it is a good learning process for you to try to work them out yourself! You can always book a tutorial with a teacher to discuss further if you need.  For more information: How do I book a tutorial? 

This is a sample TOEFL Integrated Writing Assessment with teacher feedback:

This is a sample TOEFL Independent Writing Assessment with teacher feedback: