After your Speaking Intensive test has been marked, you will be informed by email to check your result and feedback in your portal. 

For OET and IELTS, there are three places you can find your Speaking Intensive test result:

1. Select 'PROGRESS' from the top menu. Click on 'Appointment Details' next to 'Speaking Intensive' under 'My Tasks'.

Select 'View Result' when you see the speaking appointment that you just had for your test.

2. Select 'APPOINTMENTS' from the left menu of your student dashboard and then click on 'Speaking Intensive'. After that, click on 'View Assessment Result' under Appointment Details.

3. Select the date that you had your speaking test appointment on the calendar, on your home page. Click on the 'View Assessment Result' button.

For PTE and TOEFL, you can find your Speaking Intensive test result under 'S/W FEEDBACK' or 'ASSESSMENT' on the left sidebar menu of your student dashboard.

You will find a list of speaking intensive tests. Click on the relevant assessment name.

You will then be prompted to open the selected assessment, where you can now see your score. Click on the 'View Document' button to view the report card with detailed feedback. 

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