The Gold Package gives you the most personalised feedback from our expert teachers through assessments and live 1:1 tutorials, which helps you to develop and review your study plan and preparation strategies, while you are working through our online materials and attending live classes.

In our 1:1 expert tutorials, you can discuss with a teacher in person and obtain clarification on the feedback that you have obtained for your assessments and mock test.

The Gold Package costs $309 USD (or $329 USD for OET Doctors). our Gold package gives you: 

  • 3 x one-to-one expert tutorials (45 minutes)
  • Full (for IELTS) or Mini Mock Test (for PTE, OET and TOEFL) with comprehensive feedback on writing and speaking
  • Writing assessments with detailed teacher feedback on each section(number differs for each test):
    • PTE:  9 x writing assessments (3 x Summarize Written Text, 3 x Write Essay and 3 x Summarize Spoken Text)
    • IELTS Academic and General: 12 x expert writing assessments (6 x Writing Task 1 and 6 x Writing Task 2)
    • OET: 3 x authentic writing assessments
    • TOEFL: 6 x writing assessments (3 x Independent Writing and 3 x Integrated Writing)
  • Speaking assessments with detailed teacher feedback on each section(number differs for each test):
    • PTE:  9 x speaking assessments (3 x Read Aloud, 3 x Describe Image and 3 x Retell Lecture)
    • IELTS (Academic and General): 3 X speaking assessments with Part 2 Feedback
    • OET: No additional speaking assessments are included but 1:1 tutorials can be used as speaking assessments
    • TOEFL: 6 x speaking assessments (2 x Independent Speaking and 4 x Integrated Speaking) 
  • Unlimited live classes (twice a day, every day)
  • Online materials: FULL set of practice questions with overview and methods videos
  • Access to live class recordings
  • A pre-test strategy session for you to consult a teacher 1:1 just before your test, to revise your strategy for the day
  • A post-test consultation with an expert teacher after your test in case you don't get the scores you need
  • Up to 12 months' access

If you have any questions regarding this package, please feel free to email our helpdesk at [email protected].