We are very excited to offer a Writing Intensive Package for students who only want to focus on improving your writing.

This package is designed to enhance your writing skills and improve your writing score. Each of your writing assessment will be marked by one of our expert teachers, giving you VERY DETAILED feedback on how well you responded to EACH QUESTION TYPE and how you can IMPROVE.

The Writing Intensive Package costs $79 USD (or $89 USD for OET Doctors). It gives you:

  • Writing assessments with detailed teacher feedback on each section (number differs for each test):
    • PTE:  6 x writing assessments (2 x Summarize Written Text, 2 x Write Essay and 2 x Summarize Spoken Text)
    • IELTS (Academic and General): 6 x writing assessments (3 x Task 1 and 3 x Task 2 )
    • OET: 2 x writing authentic sub-tests with comprehensive feedback
    • TOEFL: 4 x writing assessments (2 x Independent Writing and 2 x Integrated Writing)  
  • 25 live classes 
  • Online materials: FULL set of practice questions with overview and methods videos
  • Access to live class recordings
  • Up to 6 months' access

Please note you can also add a 1:1 tutorial to the package for an additional USD$79.

For more information, please email our support team at [email protected].