If your package has expired or will expire sooner than you need, you have two options: upgrade or extend.

Upgrade: any package other than our Gold and Power Package can be upgraded just by paying the additional cost of the higher package.  You can do this at any time and it will give you additional resources on top of your current resources.  You will also get the FULL VALIDITY PERIOD of the higher package from the date of upgrade. For example, if you upgrade to a Gold package, you will get another 12 months of validity from the date of your upgrade.

You can find more information on the upgrade process here, or on the different package options here.

Extend: any package can be extended for a fee. This will give you additional time to complete the resources you have left, but you will receive no new resources. The package needs to have expired first, so please wait until after your expiry date to choose from one of the following:

You can extend your package yourself just by logging in and clicking "Extend" at the top of your dashboard. You can choose to extend for 

  • 1 week for a fee of $9 USD, or 
  • 2 weeks for a fee of $17 USD

If you need an extension for longer than 2 weeks, contact our support team at [email protected]. Under certain circumstances, we can extend your account for 

  • 1 month for a fee of $29 USD, or 
  • 2 months for a fee of $49 USD. 

Let us know why you need the extension and we will determine whether we can do this for you.