The OET Mini Mock Test gives you a good idea of your current skill level and useful feedback on how to improve. You will receive detailed feedback and a score for each criteria. If there is something you need to work on, we make a suggestion and sometimes include a link to a video.

Please note, your mock test scores are indicative only; they do not represent real OET test scores. The E2 marking system is designed a little differently to any real test scoring, because it serves a different purpose. It is meant to be "diagnostic", which means it helps you identify your weaker points so you know exactly what to focus on in your preparation. The real test scores are just scores; they don't show you the detail of where you went wrong and why. Because of this difference between our scoring purpose and their scoring purpose, our system cannot easily be equated to a test score. 

So, focusing on the comments and feedback rather than focusing on your overall result in our mock test is the best approach. For example, where did you score lower, and what can you do to improve that aspect?

If you would like to discuss your score in-depth with a teacher, you may be able to arrange a Tutorial. Let us know if you would like help with this. 

SAMPLE of the feedback you will receive for the OET Mini Mock Test:

Score Report:

For the listening and reading sections, you will be able to go back through the test to see your correct answers.

Example listening section feedback (correct answers have been covered):

Example reading section feedback (correct answers have been covered): 

For the writing task, you will receive feedback on these criteria:  

6) Language

For the speaking task, you will receive feedback on these criteria: