Your writing assessments are timed as you would expect in the exam and once submitted, you will receive your feedback within 48 hours.

Our feedback is very detailed; we give you overall comments. We also give you an indication of how well you did on a range of criteria based on the criteria of the test. You will receive an overall score and advice about whether you should book a tutorial to practise further.

This is a sample OET Medicine Writing Assessment Report Card:

You can see your OET Letter Grade equivalent here: OET Results & Assessment


See Jay's video about the OET Writing Criteria here!


The score that you have received is based on the official writing criteria used by the OET Assessors to mark your writing:

  • Purpose

    • Purpose Statement

    • Purpose Expanded Paragraph

  • Content

    • Appropriateness

    • Request Paragraph

    • Interpretation of Case Notes

  • Conciseness and Clarity

    • Letter Length (relevance)

    • Conciseness of Writing

    • Presentation of Information

  • Genre and Style

    • Clinical/Factual Writing

    • Reader's Needs Addressed

    • Jargon/Abbreviations/Politeness

  • Organisation and Layout

    • Organisation/Logic/Clarity

    • Emphasis/Highlighting of Information

    • Paragraphing

    • Letter Layout

  • Language

    • Overall Clarity

    • Vocabulary Precision

    • Grammatical Accuracy

    • Sentence Structure

    • Spelling

    • Punctuation

If you have any questions about your feedback, you can always discuss it in a tutorial or get in touch with our friendly support team here.