The IELTS Mock Test gives you a good idea of your current skill level and useful feedback on how to improve. You will receive detailed feedback and a score for each criterion. If there is something you need to work on, we make a suggestion and sometimes include a link to a video.

VIDEO EXPLANATION for writing feedback: Our head of IELTS, Alex, has made a short video explaining how our writing feedback system compares with the real IELTS scoring system. You can watch the video here:  

SAMPLE Mock Test feedback: 

Score Report:

Listening and Reading

For the listening and reading sections, you will be able to go back through the test to see your correct answers.


For the writing tasks, you will receive feedback on these criteria: 

  • Task Response

  • Coherence and Cohesion

  • Lexical Resource

  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy


YouTube: The IELTS Writing Task 2 Criteria EXPLAINED

Example writing feedback Report Card:

Each section contains valuable information to help you improve your writing. You can view an overall comment and corrections and then some more specific diagnostic feedback.


For the speaking task, you will receive feedback on these criteria:

  1. Fluency and Coherence

  2. Lexical Resource

  3. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

  4. Pronunciation

Example speaking feedback:

Note: You can log in to your E2 Test Prep account to access your mock test score report and feedback. The score report is not provided as a PDF file for copyright reasons.

If you have any questions about your feedback, please get in touch with our friendly support team at [email protected]