Grammar is part of the the foundation of your English, and we believe that getting it right is essential to your improvement!

Although we cannot answer all grammar questions at our helpdesk, we can recommend these resources to improve your grammar:

1. Online self-learning course - Please login to your student platform and go to Core Skills. All grammar lessons can be accessed there.

2. Grammar Review - This a free study tool on our sister site that you can use to practise general grammar skills. You can now access this site using your E2 Test Prep account by clicking here:

3. There are a number of grammar video lessons on the E2 English YouTube Channel that you can watch. You can also find great resources including grammar on our other YouTube channels:

4. You can also look for Grammar Live Classes, or catch up with recorded live classes on our paid packages for more test-specific grammar help:

5. Finally, you can always discuss your grammar in a 1:1 tutorial with one of our expert teachers.