We currently offer 7 different paid packages for each test: Express, Express+, Writing Intensive, Speaking Intensive, Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

ALL of these packages include access to ALL our online practice questions and to recordings of live classes

If you just want to work through the online practice questions by yourself and attend some live classesgo for the Express package. Or if you want to add a mock test for feedback, the Express+ package (USD$69) is the perfect choice.

If you need help with one particular skill - writing or speaking - we recommend the Writing Intensive or Speaking Intensives (USD$79), which offer assessments instead of a mock test, in addition to our online materials and live classes

If you need more personalised support through both the assessments and and live 1:1 tutorials , or if you want to increase your score significantly overall, then consider:

  • Bronze package (USD$139) with assessments and 1 tutorial
  • Silver package (USD$219) with assessments, 2 tutorials and a pre-test strategy session
  • Gold package (USD$309) with assessments, 3 tutorials, a pre-test strategy session and a post-test strategy session (if necessary!) 

For more details, search our FAQs for information on our different packages and resources, or email us at [email protected]