Are you confident with your skill level and motivated to do some self-study? This may be the right package for you.

The Express package will give you ALL our method lessons and practice activities to do in your own time. Plus, you can attend some live classes for extra tips from teachers.  

It costs $49 USD (or $69 USD for OET Doctors) and it gives you access to our platform for 3 months. This means that even though you can use all the resources within 2 weeks, you also have the option to spread out your preparation, or return to your preparation after taking the test.

List of inclusions:

  • Full set of method lessons and practice activities
  • 25 x Live classes
  • Access to Live class recordings

How do the method lessons and practice activities work?

You can read more about these for the test you are taking:

How do the Live classes work?

  • You are able to register for 25 live classes in total
  • You can choose which Live class to attend each time: Listening, Speaking, Writing or Reading.
  • If you can't make any of the times, you can also watch live class recordings
  • You can watch as many recordings as you like, but each recording is only available for 2 weeks after the class is run.

The Express package DOES NOT come with any one-on-one tutorials or assessments with teacher feedback. You can buy these as 'add-ons' or you can upgrade your package to get the additional package features. 


If you would like help in choosing a package or deciding on which test is best for you, email us at [email protected]