The Occupational English Test supports those working in 12 healthcare professions. Each test has four sub-tests; Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. The Reading and Listening sub-tests are the same across all 12 professions whereas Writing and Speaking are specific for your profession.

If you would like to practice Reading and Listening, our OET (Nurses) Express Package might be right for you! You get full access to our OET Course, 6 months access, 25 Live Classes, and access to our Live Class Library.

At we have many great courses available for Nursing and Medicine including extensive practice and classes for all sub-tests, but unfortunately, we aren't able to fully support the other 10 professions for their industry-specific Writing and Speaking sample questions. 

Don't worry - We're still here for you! All of our courses are designed to guide you in developing strategies for approaching your exam regardless of your specialisation. Each sub-test has a similar format for each profession and while the cases we use in our Writing and Speaking classes and sample questions are for Nursing and Medicine, there is still a lot to gain from the skills we discuss.

You can sign up for a free trial here! And if you would like to upgrade to access more content, you can do so at any time. Get in touch with us as [email protected] for a recommendation.

You can see a sample Reading Live Class here, and a sample Speaking Live Class here. See what you think - If you think this is right for you, make sure you check out our packages for more.

The most valuable resources for our members who are preparing for one of these other professions are the OET Course and Tutorials:


Your OET Course contains Overview and Method videos to use in addition to your Live Classes, and practice exercises to test your skills.

Tutorials are 45-minute appointments with one of our expert teachers where you can discuss any concerns you have about your test or skills. The teacher can take you through exercises, review your writing, practice speaking and pronunciation, or anything else you want to do. 

One of our fantastic E2 Test Prep OET Specialist teachers, Eunice, offers private tutoring for all professions. If you would like to get in contact with her, please email us at [email protected] for more information!

We understand that you might want to focus on preparation for your healthcare profession specifically and so we apologise that we can't provide everything you need. We would like to do our best to help you succeed so please get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!


OET Resources

 We have compiled a list of valuable resources below to help succeed in your OET test.

Check out our YouTube Channel: E2 OET for heaps of great tips
You might also like our podcast: E2Talks | The Best Way to Prepare for OET


One of the most common concerns for OET candidates is their writing. It can be tricky to master but with practice and an solid structure you can do it!

Your letter will change depending on your specialisation but the function is the same. Think about what information your addressee needs about your patient and write what you know.

See these resources for help with your writing:








Free Sample Tests

The OET have free practice tests for every profession! You can view those here:

DentistryDieteticsOccupational TherapyOptometry
Speech PathologyVeterinary ScienceNursingMedicine

Official OET Practice Books

If you would like to purchase practice materials for your profession, you may find the Official OET Practice Books helpful:

DentistryDieteticsOccupational TherapyOptometry
Speech PathologyVeterinary ScienceNursingMedicine