Our Live Classes and one-on-one tutorials all use the video conferencing platform "Zoom". 

If you are experiencing any issues with Zoom, please make sure you are using a laptop or desktop computer and your Browser is Google Chrome (if possible!)

Then, follow these steps to TEST ZOOM:

  • Click on this link to go to the Zoom test site: Zoom test 
  • Click on "Join" and you will see this pop-up:

  • If nothing happens, try "click here" or "download & run Zoom" OR "join from your browser" - one of them should help you into the test!
  • Once you are in the test, click on "Join with video" and then you MIGHT see a pop-up that helps you test your speaker and microphone - follow the steps:

  • IF YOU DON'T SEE THESE POP-UPS, you will just be in a test meeting with yourself. This is ok. Now click on the arrow next to the microphone in the bottom left-hand corner:

  • Then you will see this menu - click on "Test speaker and microphone":

  • Then, you will you see the pop-ups shown above and you can test your speaker and microphone.

If you have any issues with the speaker and microphone test, try the steps here.

If you have any other problems or you're not sure what to do, email our Support team at [email protected]!