Only students who are on Bronze, Silver, Gold, Writing Intensive and Speaking Intensive packages receive assessments to complete for expert feedback on speaking or writing tasks.

Free, Express and Express+ students can purchase a limited number of assessments for expert feedback. Please see here for more information: Can I buy more assessments?

You will find speaking and writing assessments under the 'FEEDBACK', 'S/W FEEDBACK' or 'ASSESSMENT' tab of your left sidebar menu. 

You will need to submit them via the portal and wait for feedback from your teacher. You will get email notification of your feedback.

Please allow 48 hours to receive your feedback.

To see the criteria we mark them under, please check What feedback do I receive on my speaking assessments? and What feedback do I receive on my writing assessments?

How to submit your assessments:


1. Log in to your account.

2. Go to either 'FEEDBACK', 'S/W FEEDBACK' or 'ASSESSMENT' located on your left sidebar menu.

3. The assessment names are clickable links. Click on the assessment name to open and complete your assessment.

PLEASE NOTE: File:Adblock logo.pngIf you have AdBlock installed to your browser, your assessments will not load. You need to disable AdBlock for this site. 


4. Click Submit to submit your assessments. Once submitted, please wait 48 hours for your feedback to be processed.  

This is an example of PTE speaking assessment task (the diagram has been covered):

This is an example of OET writing assessment task: