Do you need help with your OET Vocabulary?

To broaden your knowledge of medical vocabulary for OET Speaking role play, it is important to make sure that you understand the words and how they are used. As you prepare for your OET - you will encounter some of these words and so the best thing you can do to build your vocabulary is to write it down, find a definition, and most importantly, write an example of how it's used!

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For example, you might encounter the following words:

WordSimplified Definition
abrasion (noun)injury, cut, graze, scratch - an open wound or area which has been damaged by scraping or cutting.The patient has an abrasion on their forearm.
abscess (noun)

acute (adjective)

You need to have some extensive knowledge of medical terms and definitions; however, it's important that you understand the simplified vocabulary for medical terms as well, to enable you to communicate with the patient. It is also critical to know how to use the word accurately. See if you can find more examples for the words above!

Check out our YouTube video on developing your vocabulary:

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