We listen to you, and so we have added customisation options to our packages!

While all packages still come with the coursework for all skills (because we believe "holistic" preparation is important), you can purchase "add-ons" that give you more of the things you need. For example:

Mock Test: If your account does not have a mock test, you can buy one by clicking on 'Mock test' in your main menu. If your account does have a mock test but you want a second one, you will need to finish the first mock test and receive feedback. Then, a new tab will appear when you click on 'Mock test', and you can buy the second one.

Writing and Speaking Assessments: We have a selection of bundles available, with prices and options depending on your course. Please see here: Can I buy more assessments?

Tutorials: You can buy additional Tutorials for USD$79 each. See here: How do I buy more tutorials? 

Small Group Classes: These are great value. For $25 USD each, you can join a teacher and up to 4 other students in a group conversation about your speaking or writing. You can chat with other students, get direct teacher feedback, and ask any question you need. They are currently only available for IELTS speaking and writing, and can only be purchased as add-ons. Let us know if you want more of them!

If you have a free account, click on 'Mock test', 'Feedback', 'Tutorials' or 'Group classes' in your main menu to buy any of these add-ons. If you have a paid account, click on 'E2+ Extras' above your calendar to find a list of them:

NOTE: it is usually better value to upgrade to a package that includes these resources - where possible - than it is to buy them as add-ons. 

For example, if you upgrade from Bronze to Silver, you pay just $80 USD and you get an additional Tutorial AND additional writing and speaking assessments!

Please let us know what you think of our customisation options. You can email [email protected] or give feedback on this article.