We offer mock tests in different forms:

  • Full Mock Tests or Mini Mock tests: we have two of these for most tests. They are a great way to test your skills and get detailed feedback, once at the start of your preparation, and once at the end. 
  • "Guided" mock test: this one is for PTE only, and is a great introduction to the test. 

See below for information on these different mock tests!

1. Mock Test / Mini Mock Test:

How many can I get?

We have TWO mock tests or mini mock tests available for IELTS, PTE and OET and ONE mock test available for TOEFL. We are working on one for TOEIC!

How do I get them?

The first mock test comes as part of these packages (just click on 'Mock test' to access it):

  • Express+
  • Power package
  • Showtime package
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

If you have one of these packages you can buy the second mock test as an 'add-on'. Wait until you have received your feedback from the first test, then click on 'Mock test', click on 'Mock test with Feedback #2' and 'Buy now'.

For example, see Can I have another IELTS Mock test?

If you are a free student or if you have the Express, Writing Intensive or Speaking Intensive package, you can buy the first and then the second mock tests as add-ons, OR you can upgrade to a package with a mock test.

How much do they cost?

When bought as an 'add-on', the price of each mock test depends on the test:

  • IELTS, OET (Nurses), PTE, and TOEFL Mock Tests are $64USD
  • OET (Doctors) is $84USD

How do I take them?

To start your mock test, to buy a mock test and to see your mock test feedback once it has been returned to you, click on this button in your main menu:

The test was designed by our expert teachers. It looks the same, is timed in the same way and is scored in the same way as the real test. In addition to providing you exam simulation, it will also provide you with a snapshot of your results with detailed feedback on each task. You can find more information on the individual mock tests here:

2. PTE Guided Mock Test

The purpose of the PTE Guided Mock Test is to help you understand the PTE format and E2 methods.

By the end of the Guided Mock Test you will ‘understand’ what PTE Academic is all about. All PTE students can use this tool for FREE via the "Guided mock test" tab in their main dashboard menu.

For more information, see: PTE Guided mock test with Jay