Tutorials are 45-minute private lessons between you and one of our highly-qualified teachers. They are designed to give you the personal attention you need to achieve your target score. 

You can choose the topic/skill you want to focus on for each tutorial. For example, you can get help with challenging parts of the listening or reading coursework, you can ask detailed questions about the feedback from your writing or speaking assessments, or you can just bring along some writing for casual on-the-spot feedback!

Whatever you need to focus on, your tutor will provide you with tips, strategies and guided practice to meet your needs.


Did you know? Our experience has shown that completing 3 tutorials can potentially increase your score by an average of 6-10 points in PTE (that's half a band in IELTS!) They can also improve your grammatical comprehension by 27% and your written accuracy by 23%. Check out blog post for more information: The Importance of taking one-on-one tutorials.

At least one Tutorial is included in our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages.

Or, you can buy a Tutorial at any time, on any package, for $79 USD.

For more information see:

How do I book a tutorial?

How do I buy more tutorials?

How to find your 1:1 Zoom link

Please note: we run our tutorials via Zoom. This program runs best on a LAPTOP or DESKTOP using CHROME browser. Please test Zoom on your device here: https://zoom.us/test. If you have any issues, please feel free to email us at [email protected].